Saturday, December 10, 2011

Full Moon

 Full Moon by Rachel Hawthorne
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Hawthorne, Rachel. Full Moon (Dark Guardian-Book 1). Harper Teen: New York; 2009.

Awards/Honors: n/a

Annotation: Lindsey, a shape shifter in a tribe of werewolves, grew up with Connor, and their parents plan for them to wed. Before her first transformation into wolf form, she must select her mate. So will she choose steady Connor of sexy Rafe?

Book Talk: Lindsey and Connor have been together since they wore diapers and shared chew toys. However, lately she can’t stop thinking about Rafe. With her first transformation less than a month away, Lindsey must make up her mind before she mates for life.
"Forgive me, Connor

‘Kiss me Rafe.’

His low, victorious growl echoed between us and then he was kissing me passionately…It was overwhelming. It was almost too much.

I pulled back first. I no longer questioned whether lust alone was involved here. Finally I felt that soul-deep connection I’d heard about. I was in trouble. Big Trouble.”

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