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The Betrayal

 The Betrayal by R. L. Stine
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Stine, R.L.. The Betrayal (The Fear Street Saga:Where the Fear Began-Book 1). Parachute Press: New York; 1993.

"I like horror because of the suspense in it. It makes me want to keep reading." (Gabby, 12).

Awards/Honors: n/a

Annotation: In 1900, ancestor Nora Goode pens a tell all account. In it, she marks the moment in 1692 where the Fier and Goode families' clash unleashed an evil that doomed their descents for all their days.

Book Talk: Everyone has taken a walk down Fear Street...but have you ever wondered why such horrors occur here? 

It all began in 1692 when Susannah Goode and Edward Fier feel in love. They wanted to be married, but Edward's father Benjamin had other plans. He would prevent the wedding by any means so that Edward could make a wealthy match instead.

"You cannot do this? Susannah Goode shrieked.

The officer roughly dragged Susanah and her mother to the door.

Benhamin Fier stopped on the path. His voice was low and steady. His eyes locked onto Susannah .

You two will burn before the week is out.' "

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