Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blood and Chocolate

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Klause, Annette Curtis. Blood and Chocolate. Delacorte Press: New York; 1997.

ALA Best Books for Young Adults - Winner 1998
ALA Quick Pick for Young Adult Reluctant Readers – Winner 1998
Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Award – Nominee 1999
South Carolina Children's Book Award - Winner 1998
Texas TAYSHAS High School Reading List – Winner 1998
Annotation: Vivian is a werewolf and almost old enough to choose a mate. Even though she has her pick of herwolf pack, see has fallen for a human named Aiden.

Book Talk: Vivian Gandillion is beautiful, just like here werewolf mother. All the wolf boys in her pack persue her, but she has a crush on Aiden; a human being, a meatboy! That’s a big no-no in her world and the pack is getting wise to her. What’s a beautiful, open-minded werewolf to do?

“Aiden was gentle. She hadn’t expected that. Kisses to her were tight clutch, teeth, and tongue. His torturing hands down her sides and lightly caressed her back. When he flicked her lip to his tongue, she parted her mouth to invite him in. Instead, he pulled away and sighed.

…She was intrigued."

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