Friday, November 18, 2011

Weetzie Bat

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Block, Francesca Lia. Weetzie Bat. New York: Harper Collins, 1989.

ALA Best of the Best Books for Young Adults
ALA Best Book for Young Adults
ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers
Parents' Choice Gold Award
2009 Phoenix Award, Children’s Literature Association

Annotation: The story of Weetzie Bat follows a young girl and her best friend through the 80’s punk scene as they search for love, happiness, and ultimately their purposes in life.

Book Review: Weetzie Bat grew up in the Hollywood world of glitter and glamour, yet never had a place to truly call home. Her father ran off to New York when she was just a girl because the falsehood of LA living saddened him deeply. Left to be raised by absentee mother, Weetzie seeks a real home filled with true happiness and unconditional love.

After meeting her best friend Dirk, the real adventure is sparks when three wishes are granted from a genie in a lamp. Then the race is on to find soul mates, produce movies, and expand their family. Refreshingly ahead of its time, Weetizie Bat offers the reader a positive glimpse of open homosexuality, same sex marriage, and co-parenting by a gay and straight couple.  If you are looking to read a tale that ends happily without worrying about the ever after; this book is for you!

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